Horst Schobesberger (Senior Commandant, Rhodesian Guard Force, 1978-1980)


PV Groups: GP 5 Mrewa, GP 7 Mudzi, GP 9 Mount Darwin 
Infantry: 1BN (Mtoko, Rutenga, Line of Rail)



Planned shoulder flash for Guard Force post 1981

Rhodesian Guard Force

This site is for the benefit of all ex Members of the Rhodesian Guard Force and is dedicated to the memory of all personnel of the Rhodesian Forces who were killed in the conflict 1966-1981.

Guard Force Introduction.

This website has one purpose only and that is to attract fellow ex-Members of the Rhodesian Guard Force to use their memories, stories and resources to help build an everlasting ‘virtual’ monument to those friends who never returned.

History (especially military history), can be all but a collective memory of those either involved in the process, or who have direct experience of it. They say the first casualty of war is truth, what this site seeks to promote and highlight is the great efforts made by the members of this unit. The reasons for the effort is vast but we desire it be told….only the ex Members can provide those snippets of information for the benefit of their brothers in arms, and for the interest of future generations.

We only seek information in the forms of photographs, anecdotes, memorabilia etc that you may wish to share with ex-combatants.

 'The protection of the non-combatant in Rhodesia': this was the ‘raison d’etre of the Rhodesian Guard Force during the Bush War in Rhodesia. (1976-1980)

Guard Force motto: Kwese Kwese (everywhere)

         Contact email details:  gfkwese@gmail.com


George Parker (Sergeant, Rhodesian Guard Force, 1978-1980)

PV Groups: GP 5 Mrewa, GP 7 Mudzi
COIN Ops:  GP 5 Mrewa 
Farm Protection: Bravo (Thrasher), Delta (Tangent), Echo (Grapple)

PM Ian Douglas Smith visiting Guard Force section in the field 1979