The extract  from  a  paper  kept  in  the  British  Commonwealth  Museum  in  England  describes  the  following   Guard  Force  awards :

·       Commanders  Commendation

·       Successful  Contact  Badge

A  copy  of  the  paper  was  made  available  by  the  Historian / Collector   Mr. Craig  Fourie .

Successful  Contact  Badge :

This badge was awarded to members who had been in a successful contact in the operational areas that resulted in enemy kills, or for a specifically enemy kill. This badge is made out of brass, oblong in shape, with the Guard Force colours painted on and a Roman sword stamped onto the centre of the badge. Both the sword and colours run horizontally.  This badge when awarded, is worn on the right breast of the uniform.   (a picture of this badge is depicted at the end of this article)

The  following  list of  names  of  Guard Force  soldiers  who  have  been  awarded   the  COMMANDER  COMMENDATION  and  / or  the  SUCCESSFUL  COMBAT  BADGE  has  been  provided  by  the   Military  Historian  and  Collector  Mr.  Craig  Fourie.

Commander’s  Commendation :

118614       Sgt          Ahrens JH           GFRD /  Chikurubi /  Signals Squadron              Cit.Ref (Right)

009799A    Guard     Alfeyo S               Group 7 / Mudzi / Shinga                                            10

008251S     Guard     Alikajelo V           Mrewa / Mtoko                                                            3

020202V     Comdt     Atkinson RH       3 BN / Delta C                                                              73                                                             

                    A/Comdt  Axworthy M        Area HQ F / Mtoko                                                        75

054534A     Guard       Bobo T               Regional HQ C / Fort Victoria                                    65

082057R     Comdt      Campbell DM     3 BN / Foxtrot Coy                                                    74

089293G     Guard       Chade  AT         3 BN / Delta Coy                                                        69

079858B      Sgt           Chagiya AT        Regional HQ A / Bindura                                         26                                                                                                                         

091586Z       Sgt           Chakauya S       Regional HQ A  / Bindura

092740D       Guard     Chamanga  R    Regional HQ C / Fort Victoria

094295T        Sgt         Chamunorwa G  Group 4 / Honde

095609X       Guard      Changa  S          Regional HQ D / Khami [ Bulawayo ]

106123A       Guard     Chidwawaya T     Regional HQ C / Fort Victoria

125508W      Guard     Chiriseri  G           Regional HQ D / Khami [ Bulawayo ]

163490F     Guard           Dandawa  J            Regional HQ C / Fort Victoria

103884B     Sgt                De Beer  ZT           Regional HQ  A / Bindura / Shamva

183373S      Guard           Dingizulu  E            Mrewa / Mtoko

200456L       Guard           Durura                    Humani Ranch

237893D       Cpl               Fosi  F                     3 BN / Delta Coy

074092T        Sgt               Fox  RH                  Group 7 / Mudzi / Shinga

251754V        Guard          Gariba N                  Area/Regional  HQ  M / Marandellas

251756X         Guard         Gariba  O                 Area/Regional  HQ  M / Marandellas

265859B         J/Cpl           Gombe  L

289120K         Guard         Hamandawana GD  Area/Regional HQ  M / Marandellas

295018W        Guard         Harrison  M              Area/Regional HQ  M / Marandellas

300758K          Guard         Hazvizikani  M         Area HQ  D-3 / Gwanda

351347Z           Guard         Jakonya  L               Area/Regional HQ  M / Marandellas

335131H            Guard        Jarada  C                 Group 3 / Chiredzi

365735M            J/Cpl          Kalinganiza  K          Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

369635B             A/Sgt         Kanongovere  R       Group 4 / Honde / A-Coy

387823W            Guard        Kindone  E               Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

070501                KC             Lyons  S                   Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

457542C             Guard        Magigwana  S           Regional HQ  A / Bindura

474077A              A/Sgt         Mamberi  T                Regional HQ  A / Bindura

511985E         Guard           Matariro  R                Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

513842Y          Guard           Mathe                       Humani Ranch

519358T           Sgt               Maurer  KR               Group 4 / Honde / Mutasa

562316M           Guard          Mose  K                    Regional HQ  C /  Mashaba

583269M            Guard         Muchemwa  M          Regional HQ  C / Mashaba

584337Y             Guard         Muchinapaya  L        Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

585716X              Sgt             Mudau  R                  3 BN / Delta Coy

601314B              Guard        Munganga  C            Area/Regional HQ M /Marandellas

602197L               Guard       Munhuwani  L            Regional HQ  E / Gwelo

605111D               Guard       Munyonga  C            Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

490724V                Guard       Mupuma  V              Area HQ  B-3 / Chipinga

608345T                 Guard      Marambiwa              Area HQ  B-3 / Chipinga

624602P                 Guard       Mutimuri  EF            Area HQ  B-3 / Chipinga

624678X                 Cpl           Mutimvi  M

639635J                  Cpl          Natali  S                 Area/Regional HQ M /Marandellas

686889S                 Guard     Nazvigo  AT            Group 1 / Madziwa  [ Bindura ]

126423Q                  KC         Neves  JA                Regional HQ  A / Bindura

665029G                  Guard    Ngwere  G                Group 6 / Mtoko

670394N                   Sgt         Njonjo  J                  Group 4 / Honde / Keep No. 3

676600J                    Guard     Ntiwa  W                 Regional HQ  C / Fort Victoria

681415S          J/Cpl         Nyamayevu  J         

694212C          Guard       Owymo  L                   Group 7 / Mudzi / Shinga

698896T           Guard       Pambura  AT              Regional HQ  D / Khami [Bulawayo]

713321Y           Guard       Perei  AT                    Regional HQ  B / Umtali

741474Z            Guard      Rasawa  B                  Regional HQ  E / Gwelo

770174V            Guard      Ruzvidzo  N                Group 8 / Beitbridge

777856V             Guard     Sanangurayi  W          Area/Regional HQ M / Marandellas

800145X             Guard     Siamanga                    Area HQ  C-2 / Nuanetsi

813424                A/Sgt      Singano  M                  GFRD / Chikurubi

853562J              Guard     Takawira  AT                3 BN / Delta Coy

855958N              Guard     Tamboneyi  J               Regional HQ  E / Gwelo

870033M              Guard     Tazvinza  J                  Group 8 / Beitbridge

881425V               Cpl        Ticharwa  N                 Area/Regional HQ M / Marandellas

883206                 Guard     Tima  E                         Group 8 / Beitbridge

897889Q               Guard     Tsikira  P                      Mrewa / Mtoko

901306E                Guard     Tuta  M                         Group 8 / Beitbridge

947414X                WO2       Wilson  KA                   GFRD / Chikurubi

960087X                J/Cpl       Zava  M                         Group 8 / Beitbridge

966034L                 Sgt         Ziwire  K                    Area/Regional HQ M / Marandellas

966490G                WO         Zondiwe  P                 Group 8 / Beitbridge

The  following  soldiers  of  the  above  list  were  additionally  awarded  the  Successful  Combat  Badge [ SCB ] :

Guard     Alfeyo  S

Guard     Durura

Sgt          Fox  RH

Guard     Hazvizikani  M

Guard     Mathe

Guard     Munyonga  C

Cpl          Mutimwi  M

J/Cpl       Nyamayevu  J

Guard     Owyimo  L

Guard     Pereti  AT

Guard     Siamanga 

WO         Zondiwe  P  


There are two awards, Guard Force specific :

·       Commander’s  Commendation  :  Awarded by the Commander Guard Force as acknowledgment for distinguished service and devotion to duty.

·       Successful  Contact  Badge :  Awarded by the Commander Guard Force to soldiers of the Rhodesian Guard Force who have been involved in a contact resulting in the death of CTs.

The following data is an extract of :                                                                        

 Force  Orders  by  Commander  W.A.  Godwin OLM, DMM, OBE

Nos 18-22, Serial No 9, dated  25 April 1979

A copy of this Force Orders was preserved and handed over by Sgt  J Winkler in 2015.


The following list spells out Force number, Rank, Name, Date and place of Contact.

Kaunye / Mtoko / OP Hurricane  -  02  Nov   1978

161243N  Guard     Dabis A.

479553C   Guard     Mangena N.

585331D   Guard     Mudadi J.

646059M   Guard     Ndali K .

791431R    Guard     Shamu B.

889892Y    Guard     Thomas T.

963089K     A/Cpl      Zipesho J.

Kawazwa / Mtoko / OP Hurricane   -   24  Oct  1978

223189T     Guard   Pani I.

243783F     Guard     Friday L.

376938P     Guard    Kaurayi S.

475855H     Guard    Mande M.

601780L     A/J/Cpl    Mungoza P.

628627P     A/J/Cpl    Muviringi S.

764026M     Guard     Rozwa G.

Nyamazuwe / Mtoko / OP Hurricane   -   16 Feb 1979

278271S      Guard      Guduburo C.

325823E      Guard       Hwata F.

383937Z       Guard      Kenneth C.

366083P       Guard      Kanakembizi W.

599093K       Guard       Mumba J.

605320F       Guard        Munyuki J. 

637928Z       Guard        Naison I.

684866T       Guard        Nyathi C.

776098J        Guard        Samson F.

870064W       Guard        Tasvivingira S.

915395T        Guard         Veru P.

Uzumba  /  Mtoko  /  Mrewa  /  OP Hurricane   -   09 Mar 1979

181231P       J/Cpl        Diba I.

161243N     Guard      Dabis A.

181380B     Guard      Dibiya M.

185279P     A/Cpl        Dlulumuteto B.

201423H     A/J/Cpl      Dzafunwa B.

359848N     Guard        Josiah E.

378365Q     Guard        Kayomgo OL.

425882P      A/Cpl          Lucas M.

463278M      Guard        Majoni C.

467922K       Guard        Makoni C.

538210K       J/Cpl          Mhindwa WS.

540806G       Guard        Mhuru L.

585331P       Guard        Mudadi J.

607567Y        Cpl            Mupuwa K.

611456A        Guard        Muronzi R.

678895D        Guard        Nyahuma P.

688819D        A/Cpl          Nyoni G.

805236P         Cpl             Sibanda T.

817402E         Guard         Soweto B.

853974G         Guard         Takawira T.

860064D         Guard         Tasvivingira S.

966951H       Guard       Zulu P.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   11 Jan 1979

120004N     Cpl      Perkins S.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   06 Feb 1979

869586B      Jnr/Comdt       Taylor P.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   16 Feb 1979   -   09 Mar  1979

234331C      Comdt     Flanagan D.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   22 Feb 1979

124041X       Jnr/Comdt II     Van der Walt C.P.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   09 Mar 1979

738907J     Asst Comdt     Ralston B.

154217B     Sgt                  Cranston D.J.

121779S     Sgt                   Childs J.

124526D     Cpl                   Van Wyk J.

121926C     Cpl                    Corke D.S.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   16 Mar 1979

751113B     Jnr Comdt II       Rigby S.A.C.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   22 Mar 1979

235779F     Asst Comdt        Fogarty G.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   28 Mar 1979

147939C    Sgt                       Dutoit Cook J


Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   29 Mar 1979

197343C     Sgt                      Dubus J.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   31 Mar 1979

948920W     Sgt                      Winkler J.

Mtoko  /  OP Hurricane   -   05 Apr 1979

119256A     Cpl                         Bryer S.

The above mentioned Successful Contact Badges were awarded during  the transition period of Guard Force when we changed from being responsible for the protection of Protected Villages to the more offensive COIN Infantry role. The unit involved was GP 6 MTOKO under Comdt D Flanagan [ Australian] .

At this stage we don’t have a complete list of all SCBs awarded to our soldiers. 

An example of the SCB badge is shown below (from the collection of the late John Radford, ex Asst Cmmdt, Rhodesian Guard Force.



Namelist  of  members  of  the  Rhodesian  Guard  Force  who  were  awarded    Honours  or  Awards  by  the  President  of  Rhodesia .  The  list  does  not  include  members,  who , while  serving  with  other  elements  of  the  Rhodesian  Security  Forces , received  Honours  or  Awards  before  the  01 February 1976,  the  date  when  Guard  Force  was  officially  gazetted  as  an  autonomous  Force  under  the  Ministry  of  Defence  .

The  namelist  is  extracted  from  the  book  “ David  Saffery,  Rhodesia  Medal  Roll  -  Honours  and  Decorations  of  the  Rhodesian  Conflict  1970 – 1981 “,  published  by Jeppestown  Press,  London  2006.

Inevitably  this  list  may  contain  errors  and  any  corrections  will be  appreciated.

Officer  of  the  Legion  of  Merit  [ O.L.M. ]

For distinguished service to Rhodesia.

11  November  1978

Brigadier W.A . Godwin

The  Member  of  the  Legion  of  Merit  [ M.L.M. ]

For distinguished service to Rhodesia.

15   September  1978

Comdt R. Hallack

13  April  1979

Comdt J.D. Flannagan

07 December  1979

861137S  Snr Comdt  R.O.Tarr

The  Bronze  Cross  of  Rhodesia  [ B.C.R. ]

For gallantry.

09  June  1978

KC  T.H.E.  Henwood

13  April  1979

KC  S.A.C. Rigby

30  November 1979

791548C  Guard  T. Shamu

The  Meritorious   Conduct  Medal  [ M.C.M. ]

For brave and gallant conduct in a non-combatant capacity.

09  March  1979

315708K  J/Cpl  R. Hombasha

30  November  1979

004308G  KC  T.G. Johnson

950389B  KC  O. Mugany

07  December  1979

780004E  Guard  K.L. Santi

The  Defence  Force  Medal  for  Meritorious  Service  [ D.M.M. ]

For meritorious service.

11  November  1978

Snr Comdt  C.P. Craig

Snr Comdt  V.T. Bratton

Comdt  R. Coleman

Comdt  N.D. Langdale

Comdt  K. Williams

13  April  1979

Snr Comdt  H.J. McKenzie-Fraser

07  December  1979

321670X  Snr Comdt  J.H.B. Hughes

5107152 Asst Comdt  S. Matambo

558185X  Asst Comdt  I.J.J. Moore

667776  Comdt  C.R. Nicholls

The  Military  Forces’  Commendation 

For an act of bravery, distinguished service or continuous devotion to duty.


09  June  1978

Cpl  N. Chidizingwa

A/Cpl  E.R. Matashu

11  November  1978

Jnr Comdt  L.W. Sowden

13  April  1979

KC  S.C. O’Brien

Sgt  B.N.  Ralston

A/J/Cpl   T. Mujere

25  May  1979

Comdt  B.G. Abrahams   [ RO ]

07  December 1979

A/Snr Comdt  H. Schobesberger

Non – Operational

11  November  1977

Asst Comdt  L.O.W. Nelmes

13  April  1979

Asst Comdt  E.C. Wilde

WO1  A. Jubane

07  December 1979

630659Y  S/Sgt  G. Muzara

867433L  Sgt  M. Tavengwa

060004P  Comdt  C.H. Bower



Rhodesia  General  Service  Medal  [R.G.S.M. ]

Awarded for service on operations undertaken for the purpose of combating terrorist 

or enemy incursions into Rhodesia.

Recipients had to qualify for one or more of the following to be eligible :

·       After completion of initial training, have served in the Security Forces or in any other military force for periods amounting in the aggregate to at least 91 days; OR

·       Have completed an aggregate of 14 days’ operational service in the Security Forces or any other military force                                                                           OR

·       were engaged in active combat or was in close contact with terrorists or the enemy.

Awards were not gazetted and no  full  roll of recipients has ever been published.

It can be assumed that the majority of Guard Force soldiers were eligible to receive this award.





The official Commanders Commendations in the adjacent column have been kindly provided by Mr. Craig Fourie.

                            Commanders  Commendation :

First awarded 8th December 1978 and by 2nd June 1980, 73 Commanders Commendation awards have been made. The images below  records these commendations in detail. A fair number of commendations resulted from unsolicited submissions from the Civil Sector.

On receipt of the commander’s commendation, a badge was issued to the recipient and was worn on the right breast. The badge was oblong, made out of brass plate, with the Guard Force colours of two brown stripes with a red stripe in between running horizontally. The Guard Force badge is stamped onto the centre of the badge, The certificate is printed onto white bond paper with red edging, wording is in black and the Guard Force badge in gold.


KC Eddie Mendes Commendation
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