Village Meeting Kandeya TTL Mt Darwin 1978
Keep , NW of Mt. Darwin, after stand-off attack using 82mm mortar. Joint SFA/GF Sections 1978

Jnr. Cmdt. Horst Schobesberger with GF soldiers at Mt. Darwin airfield 1978
Kit Inspection, Mt. Darwin (?)

Asst. Cmdt. Lionel Cross, Gp 9 Mt. Darwin 1978
Ndabaningi Sithole on a visit to a PV in the Mt. Darwin area, 1979
Cmdt. Karl de Vries on parade at Gp 9 HQ, Mt. Darwin, 1978
Handover parade Asst. Cmdt. Horst Schobesberger and Cmdt. Karl de Vries at Gp 9 HQ Mt. Darwin, 1978
GF drill at Gp 9 HQ, Mt. Darwin, 1978
GF drill at Gp 9 HQ, Mt. Darwin, 1978

GF Sergeant demonstrates the art of hairdressing , Gp 9 Mt. Darwin PV

The photographs and notes below were kindly supplied by KC Robert Gardner in May 2015:

Initial training in Chikurubi with L to R: Dave Crawford (Byo), "Punkie" Barry Sneyman (Byo), Tong Joseph ( went to 9.1 delta), Malcolm .........., and myself

Guido Valentino (Avondale) during bush camp training with Bren adapted to take FN mag and rounds,

9.1 delta from Chibara hills in North and shows dam to South almost full in December,
Keep of 9.1 Delta with village in background. Also shows work ongoing in lining firing points in PV with mud bricks from rubble nearby with clay mortar,

Village life with "Fred Flintstone's" cart

Troops after soccer match against village team which we lost (crate of castle was prize... Provided by me) team were from L to R: Top - Kisi, Nyatando, Rumani, ME, Kapembezi, Uraya b, & Ruisi. Bott - Ndlovu, Mondiwa (excellent Corporal who was promoted to KC in 1979), Gumbo & Enoch,

Yours truly in centre of Keep with Rhodesian flag. (Note - wore proper kit when in the bush including long trousers).

In 2009 I spent all my trips at police camp in Bveke and will show photo's etc. separately, including written orders and notes.
Hope will bring back memories and that you all enjoy....